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Hijabi Pop

Hijabi Kuhl

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For centuries in Middle Eastern countries, Kohl has been used as a medicinal eye treatment that is used in the eyes of newborns to help clarify their vision. It has many benefits to the eye. Not only is it a cultural norm to wear daily, it beautifies the eyes with its black color so it is also worn as an all-natural eye liner.

  • Helps to cool eyes & nourishes lashes
  • Helps to make eyes healthy, bright, and beautiful
  • Contains 100% Natural Black Color.
  • Free from Silicones, Ethanolamine, Lead & Paraffin Wax.


  • Triphala
  • Sandal
  • Indian Aloe
  • Licorice
  • Camphor 
  • Trailing Eclipta
  • Tree Turmeric 
  • Almond Oil 
  • Castor Oil


  • Apply Kuhl stick within the upper & lower lash line