Hijabi Pop is a U.S. based lifestyle brand that helps Millennial Muslim females gain access to modest, yet, trendy oufits that they can relate to while connecting them in an innovative way, through fashion, life experiences, and culture. 

When a Muslim woman walks into a store, she has to ensure certain religious standards are in place prior to every purchase. She no longer wants to be culturally ignored or left out. Hijabi Pop solves this issue by offering high quality fashion with bold and fashion-forward designs fit to meet the needs of Muslim women struggling to truly personalize their wardrobes. Practicing Muslim females no longer have to feel torn between faith and modern living. It’s Time to Change the Way We See Modesty! 


As an African American Muslim female raised in the city of Philadelphia, Asma Bibi has always been inspired by the arts and individualistic creativity. With a Bachelors in Behavioral Science with a minor in Psychology, she always envisioned how to change the world in a practical and helpful way. At a young age, she recognized the lack of modern yet modest clothing for young Muslim females. With the limited options available on the market and the influence of social media, Asma Bibi founded Hijabi Pop in 2017 to remove the limitations and contribute to creating more opportunities for the practicing believing woman.

Hijabi Pop is Where Pop Culture Finally Meets the Millennial Muslim Woman's Closet.