On-demand modest fasion

At Hijabi Pop we believe that fashion shouldn't be wasted. That's why we've opted for a fully sustainable made by-demand production model.

Our On Demand System

Overproduction in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats. We refuse to make that problem worse. Our pre-order system allows us to accurately anticipate demand levels prior to production, so we only produce the amount of shoes we’re really going to sell.

For you, this means getting to order next season’s must haves early on and at a discount while participating in the movement towards more sustainable fashion. In terms of pricing, on-demand reverts the sales cycle and waves goodbye to the traditional fashion calendar.

Advantages of buying slow fashion at Hijabi Pop

  • We launch newly designed collections available for pre-order at 30% off. 
  • You have three weeks to pre-order, after which the discount drops to 15% off.
  • We then calculate exactly how many orders will be produced based on pre-orders received. VIP HIJABI discounts don't apply anymore at this stage. The longer you wait, the higher the price will get. It's that simple.

On-Demand Shopping vs Traditional Shopping

New, and more frequent, garment releases

Fewer, bigger, outdated collections

Transparent, VIP Hijabi discounted timeline

No overproduction thanks to pre-orders