You'd have to be blind to not see all the many luxury brands like Prada, Dolce&Gabanna, Chanel and even Zara and H&M selling more modest fitting garments. That's NO COINCIDENCE SIS!

The modestwear industry is on it's way to a major boom and as Muslim women, who are fully aware of exactly what WE need to look and feel beautiful, now is the perfect time to begin these businesses that are expected to be around $402 billion by 2024.

The modestwear fashion industry is growing and it's still enough time for you to launch your 6 figure Muslim-owned business!

I launched my modestwear business in 2018, when there were less competitors in the market and even less resources to prepare me for not only the fashion market but what it would take to provide modest and popular trendy fashion--- which most vendors do not sell. I have made so many mistakes and gained so many valuable resources along the way so now, I want to help other Muslim women, avoid the hassles I had to go threw to launch and grow your MODESTWEAR business with success.

From modest fashion vendors lists, to information on wholesale buying vs. garment manufacturing, to the resources needed to start and be successful, I am ready to spill all the tea!

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