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Hijabi Pop

Hijabi Influencer Set

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Whoa! A fall season favorite 🤩 Chic. Polished. Sleek. A fashionable look with maximum comfort. 

Created just for you with your modesty in mind, this 2-piece set includes a long knee length sweater top and matching pant.

Measurements: 40” top, 34” pant.

  • Extreme premium stretch and breathable so sizing is very flexible.
  • Available in colors: Green Apple, Rose Palette Pink, Sudan Brown, and Panther Black. 
  • Fabric: 70%Cotton/30% Spandex Machine Woven Knit.

**SIZING : If you’re going for a fitted look, size down, if your going for a looser look, choose your correct size. 

*Model is 5’7 wearing a size 2X/3X.