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HIJABI POP! Where innovative fashion finally meets the Muslim woman's closet Hijabi Pop is a U.S. based lifestyle brand that helps Millennial Muslim females to trendsetting outfits that allows them to connect through fashion, experiences, and culture. When a Muslim woman walks into a store, she has to ensure certain religious standards are in place prior to every purchase. She no longer wants to be culturally ignored or left out. Hijabi Pop solves this issue by offering high quality fashion with bold and fashion-forward designs fit to meet the needs of Muslim women struggling to truly personalize their wardrobes. Practicing Muslim females no longer have to feel torn between faith and modern living.

Hijabi Pop offers

1. Outdated and Similar Looks Muslim females want statement pieces and one of a kind clothing options

2. Limited Selections Muslim females want a wide variety of clothing to choose from

3. Time-Consuming Muslim females want an easy and enjoyable way to shop - at one destination.

Trending fashions Up to date trends that modern Muslim females can relate to

Individualized Variety Personalized options that fit every fashion style: The Minimalist, The Chic, the Urban, the Sporty, and the POP Hijabi

Convenient Shopping Find inspirations, select your next outfit for any occasion, and checkout --- all in one sitting.



Discover the latest trends. Find style inspirations, access the latest arrivals, and socialize and rate other's outfits


Styling questionnaire helps to find the right looks suited to your personality and mood while personalizing your shopping and styling experience based on your needs and lifestyle. Receive tips and outfit ideas with every recommended look


Your personal virtual walk-in closet lets you preview fashion styles and schedule apparel box shipments

So,How does it work?

1. Fill out your Hijabi Style Profile. Share you style, size and price preference

2. Get up to 5 looks choose from in your virtual showroom

3. Request a Hijabi Pop delivery - opt to pay on demand on monthly , no commitment required.

4. Get 25% off when you sign up as a Hijabi  Loyalist monthly subscriber.
Simply browser  new looks, plan outfits, and have a wardrobe you love - all without leaving your home.


To become the leading high fashion modestwear clothing brand that creates a global-cultural understanding that highlights the lifestyle of the modern Muslim female through a relatable and innovative approach to shopping modestly. We are dedicated to inspiring young Muslim women to be confident through a unique combination of self-expression, creativity, and personal style. Finally, a place where she can discover who she is while growing into who she is becoming--- all without compromising her beliefs.

What our customers says

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